Bay Lake's Inaugural Multicultural Day

Bay Lake's Inaugural Multicultural Day
Posted on 05/20/2018
Multicultural Day

In celebration of the diverse cultures that make up the Bay Lake community, students throughout the school have spent the past two month researching and learning about cultures from different countries. On Friday, May 18, 2018 they put everything on display for the inaugural Multicultural Day event! From Africa, to Asia, and even the Caribbean, the hallways were filled with music, art, history, and informational exhibits! Student docents were chosen to share their knowledge with visitors as they toured the hallways learning about over 50 countries. The Lyrical Lions chorus put on a spectacular performance in the evening that highlighted lyrical songs, instrumentals, and dances from different cultures, too!

1st Grade Multicultural Africa
First Grade Students shared what they learned about countries and cultures in Africa.
2nd Grade Multicultural South America
Second Grade students put on an exhibit for countries and cultures from South America.

 4th Grade Multicultural North America
Third Grade students decorated the halls with artifacts, art, and exhibits depicting European cultures.

Multicultural Art
Fourth Grade hallways displayed art and other exhibits from North America.

5th Grade Multicultural Asia
Fifth Grade represented countries and cultures from Asia.
Lyrical Lions Multicultural Performance
Lyrical Lions put on a show celebrating songs, dance, and music from different countries including China, America, and India.