Bring Your Own Device Option

Bring Your Own Device Option
Posted on 08/04/2022
The LaunchED Digital Learning program provided one device for every child in Orange County Public Schools. However, the district acknowledges the parents right to refuse the use a district provided device. As a result, OCPS Board Policy on Digital Learning (IHAR) allows for the Bring Your Own Device option in schools.

What is BYOD?

For BYOD, a "device" is a privately owned laptop, notebook, or tablet computing device that meets district specifications. For the purposes of this program, the term "device" also includes any similar owned by OCPS that is provided for student use when a student is not able to bring one from home.

How do I BYOD?
Decide  to refuse a district device and complete the Device Refusal Form on your Skyward Parent Portal.
Review the BYOD Buying Guide at to ensure the device you are considering meets district specifications. 
Login to the Chrome browser and Google Drive with the OCPS student email address before bringing the device on campus. The OCPS student email address is [email protected]. Student passwords can be reset by contacting the school.
Check in with the school TSR on the first day the device is brought on campus to ensure that it is properly connected to the OCPS network.